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Day Trip Excursions

Zip Line Adeventures | Puerto Rico
Ponce | Puerto Rico

Zip Line Trip

Speed through Toro Verde Nature Park with the tropical breeze in your face while taking in all of the natural features of Puerto Rico. Exciting zip line cables zip high over tropical rainforest and rivers throuout the maject Toro Verde rainforest canopy! Plus there is rock climbing, rappelling and even a exciting suspension bridge! Click below to find out more details for the thrill of your life!

Ponce City: The Pearl of the South

After a 90 minute drive you will be greeted with a panoramic view of the Caribbean coast from El Vigia Hill, towering several hundred feet over the city of Ponce. We will spend time exploring Serrallés Castle and the city’s center that has been lovingly restored to its original turn of the century splendor and features a spacious tree-lined plaza. On the way back to San Juan we will stop at Coamo Thermal Hot Springs, a natural wonder that makes Puerto Rico a pretty cool place. Located along a cold river in the town of Coamo, hot water springs naturally bubble from the earth. For hundreds of years people have been enjoying these natural hot springs, which are said to have healing powers. And now, with the recent completion of a refurbishment of the public area, everyone can enjoy the springs in clean pools while enjoying other amenities.

Kite Boarding | Puerto Rico

Kite Boards

If you're interested in taking a lesson we can make arrangements. Checks out the videos here:
Arecibo Observatory | Puerto Rico

Arecibo Observatory

This giant telescope (as seen in the feature film Contact with Jody Foster) is part of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center. Located in the mountains just an hour and half from San Juan.

Rio Camuy Caves | Puerto Rico

Rio Camuy Caves Park

This is a cave and underground river that’s part 268 acre park. This is a very popular site with tourists and locals alike. It features a "fountain of youth" – a natural spring you can drink from and is located near the Arecibo Observatory so you can see both places in one day.

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