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Travel to the Caribbean with leaving the United States

Travel with Fred -It's Island Time!

The island of Culebra. Do you where it is? What country it belongs to. I don't offer a prize for knowing your geography. It's too easy to find the answer. Culebra is 19 miles off the northwest tip and belongs to Puerto Rico One of the oldest bird sanctuaries in United States territory was established in Culebra on February 27, 1909 by President Teddy Roosevelt. So it's owner is the USA. Puerto Rico may be the 51st state. They are already in the government system. Did you know the citizens of Puerto Rico pay US social security and Medicare? Did you know Culebra. boast of having a top 10 beach - Flamingo Beach - for 6 years running by Trip Advisor and others. Here's a short video trip to Culbera. Falmingo Beach is # 8. Join me this fall and winter...average temp - 84.

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