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Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria...


Perhaps you were planning on spending your vacation in Puerto Rico or you may have already booked your stay in the coming weeks or months in order to enjoy all the good things that a tropical destination can offer.   On September 20th, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, ravaging through the island, leaving thousands of residents without a home, and damaging the island’s infrastructure.

All the headlines about Puerto Rico on the media are chaotic and not vacation inspiring, you read the news and all you see are photos of destruction, flooding, distraught residents with lack of power and other essential resources.

Please keep in mind that the news are reporting on the parts of the island that were heavily hit by Hurricane Maria, islanders living in the mountains, residential areas that were affected with flooding are the ones facing the most challenges.

Most parts of the island have made tremendous progress with clean up, there is still much work to be done in many communities.   Residents mostly await on the restoration of electricity.   If you were to drive around the main roads, visit many of the beaches and tourist areas, you will see a very different picture of what the news media shows.

Tourism Update

The tourism industry is committed to continue sharing the beauty of Puerto Rico and providing excellent service to visitors. Tourism certainly took a big hit the first months after Hurricane Maria, but hotels, communities and organizations have been hard at work restoring tourist areas in order to continue offering guests fantastic experiences.

  • Most of the hotels are fully operational, various resorts are still closed but began taking reservations for later dates.

  • Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (SJU) is fully operational, welcoming domestic and international visitors.

  • As you travel around the island and venture into residential areas, you will see there’s still much work to be done, but Puerto Rico will certainly may come out better after recovery is completed.

  • Your travel dollars will certainly make a great contribution to the island during this difficult time.  It will help thousands of families be able to keep their jobs so they can support their families.  If you’re a repeat visitor, we appreciate your continued support, just traveling to Puerto Rico is making a difference…a vacation you can feel good about. 


Culture of Heritage

We have had a blast on our guided tours and we would love for you to come along and join the fun with us in Puerto Rico! Click the button below and to view what our other friends had to say about our wonderful tours.

A melting pot of cultures, Puerto Rico was once described by a national travel guide as a “paradise’s baby wrapped in an urban comforter, with a U.S. uncle and a Spanish mother. ”For more than five centuries the converging cultures of the Caribbean Indians, Spain, Africa, and North America have blended to create a uniquely Puerto Rican heritage evident in our food, music, language, architecture, religion, lifestyles, and arts and crafts.

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