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Have you ever said…I was worn out from my vacation? Let Enchanted Island Travels help you enjoy the perfect vacation – one where you come home rested and ready for your world. We invite you to make this trip a journey into the uniqueness of the Puerto Rico - "La Isla Del Encanto." Since the days that Columbus landed there on his second voyage the island has enchanted the native and visitor alike. We want you have an adventure and relaxation during your time on the island. You will have a opportunity to explore the culture and history and plenty of time for relaxing on the beaches. We will joined by friendly local guides that will make getting around a pleasure. Come enjoy the journey with friends and friends to be.




Fred Wright


Rainforest Treasures Tour

What is a rain forest? Rainforests are the Earth's oldest living ecosystems. They are so amazing and beautiful. These incredible places cover only 6 %of the Earth's surface but yet they contain more than half of the world's plant and animal species! A Rainforest can be described as a tall, dense jungle. The reason it is called a "rain" forest is because of the high amount of rainfall it gets per year. The climate of a rain forest is very hot and humid so the animals and plants that exist there must learn to adapt to this climate.


The Caribbean National Rain Forest, known as El Yunque, is the only tropical forest in the United States National Forest System. Its rugged land climbs from almost sea level to about 3,500 feet above sea level and is doused with up to 200 inches of rain every year. Nowhere in the world will your eyes observe a greater wealth of beauty than what is waiting for you in the rain forest. According to ancient Indian legend, the good spirit "Yuquiyu" reigned on his mighty mountain top throne, protecting Puerto Rico and its people. Many of the sights you will see today are the same as those that dazzled the first Spanish Explorers more than 500 years ago. You'll see 1,000 year-old trees, strange plants with exotic rainbow colored flowers, and thick vines with great masses of lush red blossoms waving in the cool breeze. From the heart of this breathtaking beauty you'll hear the incessant, yet delightful two-note chanting of the "Coqui," the chattering of unseen tropical birds, and if you’re lucky, the squawk of the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot. Included is a small trail visit as well as several stops to El Portal del Yunque Visitor’s Center, La Coca Fall, and a visit to the Yokahu Tower.

El Yunque | Puerto Rico

The Night Life of San Juan

San Juan nightlife comes in all varieties. From the vibrant performing-arts scene to street-level salsa, and with the casinos, discos, and bars, there's plenty of entertainment available almost any evening. The Isla Verde area has several casinos and night clubs in the hotels open to the public. Island nightlife begins very late, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Hang out until the late, late afternoon on the beach, have dinner around 8pm (9 would be even better), and then the night is yours. The true party animal will rock until the broad daylight. Many bars and nightclubs are open until 2am during the week, and 4am on weekends. Many clubs and some bars are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The Isla Verde area, as well as other parts of San Juan have several casinos and night clubs in the hotels open to the public.


Many visitors come to Puerto Rico on package deals and stay at one of the posh hotels at the Condado or Isla Verde just to gamble. Nearly all the large hotels in San Juan/Condado/Isla Verde offer casinos, and there are other large casinos at some of the bigger resorts outside the metropolitan area. The atmosphere in the casinos is casual, but still you shouldn't show up in bathing suits or shorts. Most of the casinos open around noon and close at 2, 3, or 4am. Guest patrons must be at least 18 years old to enter.

Take it Easy On the Beach

Best for Singles (Straight & Gay): Sandwiched between the Condado and Isla Verde along San Juan's coast, Ocean Park beach attracts more adults and less of the family trade. The wide beach, lined with palm and sea grape trees, fronts a residential neighborhood of beautiful homes, free of the high-rise condos that line other San Juan beaches. A favorite for swimming, paddle tennis, and kite surfing, the beach is also a favorite spot for young and beautiful sanjuaneros to congregate, especially on weekends. Knowledgeable tourists also seek out Ocean Park, which has several guesthouses catering to young urban professionals from the East Coast, both gay and straight. There definitely is a South Beach-Río vibe here, with more than a fair share of well-stuffed bikinis, but it's decidedly more low-key and Caribbean. It's a good spot for tourists and locals to mix. There are a few beachfront bar/restaurants housed in the guesthouses, good for a snack or lunch or cold drink.

Best Beach for Families: Luquillo Beach, 30 miles (48km) east of San Juan, has better sands and clearer waters than most in San Juan. The vast sandy beach opens onto a crescent-shaped bay edged by a coconut grove. Coral reefs protect the crystal-clear lagoon from the often rough Atlantic waters that can buffet the northern coast, making Luquillo a good place for young children to swim. Much photographed because of its white sands, Luquillo also has tent sites as well as picnic areas with changing rooms, lockers, and showers.

Best for Swimming: Pine Grove Beach, which stretches between the Ritz-Carlton and the Marriott Courtyard at the end of Isla Verde near the airport, is a crescent, white-sand beach, whose tranquil, blue waters are protected by an offshore reef from the often rough Atlantic current. By the Ritz-Carlton and the Casa Cuba social club to the west, the water is completely sheltered, and a long sandbar means shallow water stretches a long way offshore. There's more of a surf to the east, which is a popular spot for surfing, boogie boarding, and body surfing. The waves are well formed but never too big, which makes it a perfect spot to learn to surf. Local surfers give lessons and rent boards from this beach, which is also a favorite for small sail boats and catamarans. There are no public facilities here, but it's a short walk to restaurants in the Isla Verde district. Both hotels on the beach have restaurants, bars and restroom facilities. The beach also connects to the Carolina Public Beach, which has lockers, outdoor showers and restrooms, and is immediately adjacent to the east. If you are driving here, parking at the public beach may be your best bet. It's right off Rte. 187 on the road to Piñones. Otherwise, enter the beach near the Ritz-Carlton or Marriott Courtyard hotel. Outside San Juan, the best beaches for swimming are probably Guánica's Playa Santa and Caña Gorda beaches in southwest Puerto Rico. The water is extremely warm and absolutely calm year round, and both spots boast wide, white-sand beaches with vistas of nothing but Caribbean Sea and hilly coastline.

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